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Albert "Bert" Bennett

I have been growing orchids for about 20 years and have amassed a collection of about 250 orchids. I have been a member of the Tidewater Orchid Society since I started trying grow these beauties. I have had fun trying all different genera, and have killed many, I find that I can grow and bloom Cattleya and Phrags best. However I still enjoy trying to bloom my Paphs. I grow them inside and in my greenhouse during the winter and outside during summers. I think the greatest value of the society is the sharing of experiences and helping new growers become successful with whichever orchids they try. Please come and join the fun and comaraderie.


Sandra Cross

Still new to the hobby of growing orchids, I joined the Tidewater Orchid Society in 2014. Having grown up with a father with a green thumb for orchids,my thumb was pretty black. I began to seek help from all the experts at the meetings, and when the opportunity of a beginer's class was available I began my journey. The classes taught me the basics of growing orchids. Now I have roughly 30 orchids that are growing and blooming. I have a few species including oncidium, phalaenopsis, and dendrobium that do well as window sill plants.


Louise Roesser

I have been growing orchids since 2003 and got started after a neighbor passed away and left me 25 orchids as a a gift. Not knowing anything about orchids, I contacted the Tidewater Orchid Society. They helped me get started and then I was hooked! The meetings are fun and I have met a lot of people that are either just starting out or growing for a long time. It never gets old, that I can pick up a tip from them.I grow a wide assortment of orchids in my greenhouse year round and it is always exceiting when I see them growing and flowering healthy.


Barbara MacKechnie

I have been growing orchids since 2016 and have managed to accumulate almost 200 plants since I joined TOS. My window sills are all full of plants and I look forward to each Spring when I can move some of them out to the porch. Grocery store Phaleanopsis got me started and then I quickly moved on to Cattleyas, Vandas, Oncidiums, and Dendrobiums. My addiction did not stop there; I also have a few Catesetums, Bulbophylums, Miltoniopsis, and Angrecums. I am always thrilled when I get a plant to bloom and some of my favorites are Vandas, Miltoniopsis, and Cattleyas. The Society meetings, Beginner classes, and members have all provided a wealth of information and tips on growing.